Wednesday, 27 October 2010

One Step Closer

So here we are again. Have returned intact from our adventure to Snowdonia and we are in LOVE with the place, it is absolutely beautiful and amazing. So we will give you a pictoral bloggy in order you can enjoy it too.

It took us a LONG time to get from Kent to Dolgellau, via London to pick up a friend. The views along the way were amazing as we travelled through Brecon and up to Snowdonia, it was dark by the time we arrived. We finally found where the farm was, missed the entrance drive and meandered our way up a narrow trackway with stone walls either side, driving very carefully to avoid the sheep !! Wasn't much fun turning around I can tell you and it was getting pretty cold by then. Mary (the vendor) met us at the gate and offered us tea but we thanked her and went off to the field to get the tents up etc. It was a crisp, clear evening with a fat full moon lighting up the area. We didn't even have a fire but sat around a tray of tea lights for a while before the frost started forming on everything and the cold got the better of us, so we turned in. Boy was it a cold night, the following day Mary informed us that it had hit -5....BRRRRRRRRRR

But what a stunning View, the Aran Mountains

Sun Rise over the valley

Beautiful Cadair Idris

 We went down to the farmhouse and Mary showed us around the house and outbuildings, the Mill House is so lovely and could have many different uses given the time and money to restore and fit it out.

Mill House

View from the Farmhouse to the Mill House

The  Farmhouse front garden

The outbuildings - some potential there

The Shippon

The Caravan Club paddock

The Lake Paddock

The Lake

Upper Paddock

Upper Corner Paddock

Lower Paddock

Upper Woods

River Odyn

After enjoying our lovely long walk around the plot we were invited back to the farmhouse to have tea, biccies, flapjacks and fruitcake, Mary's hospitality was superb, such a lovely woman. We were allowed to have a fire on Monday night which was a bonus and had an exceptional nights sleep.

It started raining as soon as we went to bed and the wind picked up considerably. It was very peculiar listening to the wind coming up the valley in a wave of noise through the trees, one particularly large gust nearly took our friends tent away, pulling all of the pegs our on one side ! We did think about getting up to help but he is a big boy now and we were just too cosy to be bothered. We all had a great laugh over that in the morning, which turned out to be very very wet. So our journey home (which was even longer than the upward leg of the trip) was very arduous and miserable.

We have fallen in love with Snowdonia and  the farm, so tranquil, beautiful and we imagine would be simply stunning throughout every season and in every weather. It is always great to get home, but now we are wishing our home was back there :(  Our next business meeting is on Tuesday, we have some homework to do between now and then but I think that after the meeting we will know one way or another. We just hope the investor realises that the 'unusable' areas of the land are exactly what makes it a special place that people will flock to in favour of the boring camp/caravan sites around the town!

Thanks for reading our blog (apologies for the length lol )

Lisa and Matt



  1. Utterly breathtaking! I didn't breath the entire post! Stunning locations & the woods! The lake! Cader is one of my fav mountains too, an extraordinary location. Oh I have everything crossed this is a success. Everything!

    I will help in anyway I can, just let me know.

    Loads of love from hen

    p.s. glad you were warm!!


  2. Fantastic pics, the place looks beautiful and you're very brave to be camping at this time of year!

  3. Some LOVELY photography too! Sounds like you had fun. Look forward to reading more :)

  4. Apologies if my comment gets posted twice but my blogger is having a fit. Love your pics, love your blog, look forward to reading more. I'm sorry I'm not your business angel, I have no money, but I support you and your dream in other ways, and if I ever GET any money ... consider me in! x