Thursday, 7 October 2010

Tomorrow is upon us...

Well it's the 7th of October, one day to go before our meeting with Chris Scott of Cathedral Group Plc, Who are members of the BBAA (British Business Angels Association), seems like they must be interested as he has had the business plan for over a week, and hasn't cancelled the meeting tomorrow. Could this be good news?, the old saying of "No news is good news" springs to mind, lets hope it rings true.

 We are guessing it'll be one of two offers on the table, one... they'll purchase the premises and rent it back to us, leaving us to find funding for the business set up. Or two... they'll offer us full backing with an exit strategy in place in 5 to 10 years. The Latter would be best for us, however, if it gets us in the door and allows us to grow and carry out our dream, we shall bite the hand that feeds us ;).

 Having had so many knock backs already, but still had plenty of thumbs up on the plan and future of the business, we are in split minds as to whether or not they will be able to help. At this point we need to stay positive on this, as it will show in our pitch. We believe that we can not only make this a good business for ourselves, but also a great place for those avid campers and outdoor types. Making use of the land for others to enjoy is our main goal. With 66 acres, you'd have to be a complete fool not to make a living from it, and fools we are not.

So people, it's crunch time yet again....

If this fails, we only have one place left to try, another business angel in Scotland. If that fails, then we'll be looking for a couple of acres with a couple of outbuildings, with some form of accommodation, be it caravan, shed or large tent. We just want to be self sufficient and have the space for our animals and to be able to make some sort of living doing what we know best.

 So wish us luck, leave a comment if you have any tips, and thank you once again for reading our little blog.

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