Monday, 1 November 2010

Broccoli Soup and A&E...

Was nearing end of day at work on Friday, close to closing shop when I had a fight with a large pot of Broccoli soup. It had been sitting there all day, such a shame none of the punters were interested in eating it as there would have been far less to fight with ! It was my fault to a degree as I didn't use a cloth when moving it, but it is not  a well designed pot with no rim to speak of. I burnt my finger and dropped the entire lot, which bounced on the counter, splashing my face and then catapulted all over me. My chest, arm and leg were absolutely covered. It seriously hurt I can tell you.  I yanked of my jumper but the damage was already done on my elbow. The first aid I recieved was very good, but me being me I declined an ambulance, said I would be fine soon and wanted to drive home. Luckily Joe (1st aid guy) realised it was bad and rang the ambulance anyway.

Friday night is not a good time to be going to A&E so I was there from 7 - 11.30 pm. It was rather amusing as I was covered in strange gunk and smelled of broccoli, I was getting some very strange looks I can tell you ! Finally the 2 women siting near me broke the silence and I had a chance to explain what the gunk was...the relief on their faces was palpable lol. We ended up chatting for a couple of hours, was rather pleasant in the end :)

I have had the dressing changed today, there is still a lot of blistering but the wound is clean which is a godsend. Need to get the dressing changed again on Thursday. It is more painful now than yestrday but maybe that is because I had a chance to study it today !!

I am not after sympathy, just warning about the dangers of Broccoli soup and the damage it can do, be careful out there folks :) lol

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