Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Meetings, greetings and the future

Hello blog readers,

So how did  our meeting with the big fish in Mayfair go?  It actually went rather well as it happens, which made the painfully high heels (obviously Lisa not Matt !) worth while. We headed off to the Big Smoke, suited and booted, business plan at the ready and prepared for any questions that may be fired at us. Of course we forgot the map which caused some concern but luckily we found the building with 10 mins or so to spare.The nerves were kicking in as we entered the lift (coded to prevent riff raff entering) and ascended to floor 6. I'm surprised they didn't hear our hearts thumping when we entered the boardroom. The investor and the middle man were there, thankfully no-one else, with our plan in front of them. And so began the probing questions...

I believe we handled ourselves really well, there were not many questions we couldnt answer but other issues were raised which we hadn't thought about and a plumping out of the plan is required before the next meeting in 2 weeks time. In effect we have been given homework to do and a lot is riding on us providing feasible, provable answers. We know we can do this so are not overly worried about that. Between times we have to take a trip to Snowdonia to glean information and pictoral evidence about the property and land amongst other things. They did say we had "done good" on our plan considering it is our first one and not many people would have made it to the point of meeting with them under those circumstances. Obviously we were very pleased about that.

These Big Fish are pretty ruthless in the world of business, we are minnows in comparison but won't let that put us off, we are exceptionally determined individuals and it would take a lot to deter us from 'the dream'. There are lots of finer details to be sorted out but the upshot would be that we would be handing the business into their hands and would manage the site and land for them. I guess that's fair enough as we have no capital to put into it. We are not really in the best of positions to bartar are we! 

Thankfully our investor agrees with our ethos for the business and is very much into the green and eco side of things. He even has other farms and campsites that are run in an eco fashion, so that has set our mind at ease for the site. Had that not been the case then we would have had to walk away from the business right then.

So, fingers crossed for our surviving camping in Snowdonia on Sunday and Monday (brrrrrr) and obtaining the answers on this fact finding mission of ours:)

Thanks for reading our blog and thank you to all those who wished us luck, it really is appreciated.

Lisa and Matt

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