Friday, 8 October 2010

The Business Meeting!!!

Well well well, here we are, the point of progress so far...

 Today at 10:30am, we had a meeting with a member of the BBAA (British Business Angel Association). We feel pretty pleased with ourselves, apart from a few minor details, he said we have ticked 4 of the six boxes of his clients "must haves". One we will never be able to tick, which isn't a problem, as this was an assets box, of which he knew we do not have any. The other box was our competitors information, which isn't so hard to find out more details about them, and we are on the ball as we type this posting.
 Apart from those two slight problems, one of which can be fixed, we have been told we have an "Out standing" business plan covering everything that is needed to be seen in a good plan.

Not bad for a first attempt at a business plan huh?...

There be one slight problem, depending how you look at it, the BBAA's client wants to buy the farm/campsite and pay us to run it for him/her (not sure who they are, or even their name as yet, could be someone famous :o).. ) Deal stands as, they buy, they invest what is needed to make it a top notch campsite and we rent the house and a few acres and out buildings for our own use, whether that is worked on a tied cottage basis or we pay them rent, has yet to be discussed. Our worry at the moment is... we have done the leg work as it were, drawn up the plan and found the location, there is nothing stopping this person from pulling the rug from under our feet and going ahead without either a please or thank you (in the way of a finders fee).  So we need to hold back a few cards I guess, make sure we have a future in this business even if it's not our own, I (Matt) am a bit too long in the tooth, so before our next meeting with this guy, I guess our best bet would be to get something in writing saying that they will 100% employ the both of us to run, what is, our baby (our business idea), and a back out plan of a finders fee if they don't wish to include us in the businesses future.

Mmm???... lots to think about, but it's the best offer so far, and the only offer where we have been told money is not an issue and that the Client, is very much in to his/hers green and eco life style and businesses. We were told that they are great to work with and for, that they take care of their works and value their ideas and points of view. Sounds good to me, but there is that slight doubt in my mind, and that's... we could lose this property and business plan to someone who can stump up the money at the bat of an eyelid, I guess all businesses have a degree of risk, so this is the main risk to us at this time.

Wonder if there is such a thing as copy-right on business plans?... anyone???

Well, guess we'll leave it there for now, so thank you as per' for viewing our blog, if you do know how we can cover our behind in regards to losing our plan to the big fish, then please please please get in contact via either twitter (GoodLifeDream) or on here.

Thanks guys and gals.

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