Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Interesting Times

Slowly but surely we are making progress. Yesterday we received a phone call from our middle man to say they would be putting in an offer for the farm today. Their business is in property and land so they know what they are doing but I feel there will be some time spent on negotiating to get a price they are happy with.
Of course it is good news for us as it means the report was coherent, informed and well received by the investor. We have a sneaking suspicion that they have been up there to view it themselves as I don't think they would put in an offer 'blind' just on our say so, they are far too business minded for that.

So we are back to the waiting game but the excitement is simmering, and we can't wait to get up there and get started on the work needed to bring the campsite up to scratch and open for business!

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