Monday, 20 September 2010


Here we are,

Where to start, what to say?

Usually I would start at the beginning but in this case I will start at the end and where we are currently.

Have you ever been in a position where you wonder where your next pound will come from, how you will afford the next pint of milk, let alone the rent at the end of the month? Have you ever worked ridiculously hard and realise when you open your pay packet that you simply cannot cover your rent, utilities and debts and every phone call makes you nervous as you know it's someone wanting something you simply haven't got? Every month is juggling one thing against another, robbing Peter to pay Paul and one endless round of worry after worry after worry.....

Well, that's where we are right now. We want to better ourselves, we WANT to work, we want just one chance to prove that we are more than just a sum of our upbringing, the circumstances in life that have put us here, or just another statistic to be bandied about.

So, we work hard for months and months, hour upon hour, to realistically formulate our business plan. a business we have always been interested in running, one we will enjoy giving hours of our time to and which will also help us to give something back to those in our position, those forgotten people who are misfortunate enough, for whatever reason, to be at the bottom of the financial or social pile.

We finished the plan (hooray) we even had a financial backer who was willing to back us 100% but our luck is such that other business problems occurred for him and he had to back out at the 11th hour. We took our plan the the local Chambers of Commerce, they agree that it is a very good, viable business, we are the talk of the chambers for days. They tell us the bank should have no problem in backing us 100% despite having no assets as the property we would purchase would be asset enough. So, enter the banks... All are intersted, all say yes BUT you need to get 50% equity first. Have you heard of EFG's? They are governmnet backed finance agreements to help those WITHOUT assets....really? Seems not! And so we are looking for that special person, a business angel if you like, the sort of person who believes in giving a person a chance, based on a sound business model, that would in turn give them a reasonable return on their investment.

There must be people like this out there, surely!...........aren't there?

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